TrackerPro 2.0

A cheating program to increase your sharing ratio on private tracker websites
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Tracker Pro is a cheat system for torrent sites. This application allows you to increase your sharing ratio on private tracker websites. It is unclear how it achieves this. The procedure seems to be simple enough. You simply need to load a torrent that was downloaded from the torrent website and load it into the interface. It is important that you download the .torrent file directly from the site and that it contains your user information in it. Once you load it, you tell Tracker Pro how fast you want it to upload to that particular torrent. The program does not upload any data at all, though. It just cheats the system into believing that an active connection is made and that data is flowing through it. Tracker Pro will not work on any bit torrent site. Since it seems to be based on BitComet, websites that ban this client will also ban Tracker Pro. However, it seems like you can change the torrent client's name and that will make the tracker think you are using something else. That would require some additional research, though. Also, using an application like this constitutes a violation of the rules of most private trackers out there, so it can get your account and your IP banned for life. I could not get this to work on any widely available bit torrent website.

José Fernández
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  • It could help you with your sharing ratio


  • It is basically a cheat that goes against the moral of private trackers, and it will get you banned
  • It requires some additional configuring to get it to work
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